Brothers, Bears

As children brothers Justin and Tyler found comfort in their blankets at home, in daycare and on vacations.

The ABC blanket was made by Justin’s grandmother when he was about 3 years old.  It was well loved and worn.  Last year his new puppy decided it tasted good and chewed a huge hole in the middle of the blanket.  There was enough left over to make a bear.

Justin's Quilt Bear Collage Framed Resized 2016

Last year Justin became a daddy at age 23.  I was able to make a ‘baby’ bear from the remains of the ABC blanket.

Justin Baby Bear Collage Resized

Tyler (now 21) decided he didn’t  need the bottle anymore when he was 10 months old but he picked up his light green thermal blanket.  When he was 4 years old one day Mommy accidentally set it too close to a lit candle and it caught fire.  Tyler decided right then, “Mommy, I a big boy now and I don’t need it anymore.”  He thought it had been thrown away but Mommy had stored it in a safe place.

Tyler's Thermal Blanket Collage Framed Resized 2016

One thought on “Brothers, Bears

  1. Awe, Donna this almost made me cry. I couldn’t wait to Easter to give them to the boys of course. They were surprised. Justin was really surprised when I showed him his name. And the baby bear really made it complete. Tyler didn’t remember his blanket to well but it was so sweet hearing Justin tell him things that he remembered about it. I am sure I will be having you make our family more in the future. You are an inspiration and you definitely have a gift from God.

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