John Santino’s Jacket


John’s daughter Katherine writes:

“My father John was a Boston Police Officer for over 32 years. He served and protected everyone proudly and humbly. The various police districts used to have a Sunday Morning Softball league.  For many years in my early teens I went with my dad to every Sunday morning game. My father was the catcher but he was so much more for the team. He was the motivator and moving force of getting those guys to play every year. The roster of players changed here and there over the years but everyone one of those guys loved my dad and respected him greatly.  The younger players all wanted to be the type of cop my father was.  At these games I was the score keeper, collector of dues and mascot of the team.  It was a time that was just me and my dad on the rides to and from the games. One of the reasons why I have sentimentally held onto this jacket for so many years.

My father always had a solution to any type of problem and he has a great way of making things simple. My father was a very generous man and never wanted to be acknowledged for anything he did.  My father will always be my hero and my inspiration.

John Santino jacket bear Collage

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When I was a little girl, one of my dad’s and my games evolved around his bedtime. My dad worked the night shift as a Boston police officer so he would sleep during the daytime. Right before he would go upstairs I would race to my parents’ bedroom and hide behind his pillows. My dad would always act surprised when he found me. And we would laugh together. Even as I grew to adulthood my dad would occasionally ask if I’d like to go hide behind the pillows before he went to bed for the night.  As an adult I will always remember his wisdom over the years that I might not have appreciated as much in my youth. I’ll remember his infectious laughter and the pure delight he took when I laughed at his remarks or jokes.  His face always lit up with his love he had for his family.

My father passed away on February 21, 2009 at home and on his own terms. He showed bravery and strength until the end and still had some words of wisdom for us all.

I am most proud to say this one thing of all that he was. He was and will always be my daddy.”


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