Dave died suddenly 14 years ago while attending a Christmas party leaving his wife, 3 sons and 1 daughter to grieve.  Theresa told me that is why they don’t attend Christmas parties, the memories are still too painful.  Dave was crazy about his family, fishing, biking and hunting.  Theresa gave me a bag full of memories to work with.  There was a fishing vest, a hunting vest, two fishing tank tops, some wool socks and a lot of biker bandannas.  There was also a very old pair of little girl summertime shorts in a butterfly print.  Mom said that when their daughter was little she always wanted to wear those shorts.  Mom hid them away when they became very thin in the seat (I can attest to that).  But Dad would always find them and tuck them into a suitcase when the family went on a fishing vacation to the Outer Banks in NC.  Theresa gave each of her children a bear this past Christmas. Imagine the surprise her daughter had when she realized that her bear is wearing her favorite butterfly shorts.

Fish n Socks Collage 122015

Flag n Fish Collage 122015.jpg

Hunting Vest Collage 122015.jpg

Fishing Vest Collage 122015

And Lauren

Theresa also made sure that a bear was under the tree for her daughter-in-law whose sister Lauren died when she was 18.  Theresa was able to get some of Lauren’s favorite materials.  She wore a bandanna every day and loved Johnny Depp.  The bear speaks for itself.

Lauren Collage 122015



One thought on “Dave

  1. Thank you Donna!!!!!! What a beautiful tribute to my husband!!! You are one of the most warm and talented ladies i have ever met!!! I cant believe you remembered every word I said to you. Bless you and may God fill your life with love and happiness. They certainly will cherish the bears forever and I will cherish my pillow!

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