Why Gravy Stains?

The majority of bears that I make are memorials to a lost loved one and the choice of fabric varies. There are also happy memory bears that I have made from wedding dresses, baby blankets, bath robes, old sweatshirts, antique quilts, and even a commemorative Detroit Red Wing Stanley Cup jersey.

A lady in Kentucky heard about the bears and called me.  By then her mother had been gone 7 years.  She told me she felt bad because all she had left was her mother’s beloved well worn tablecloth and a pair of white lace trimmed socks.  I told her to send the materials to me. I positioned the bear pattern over some of the stains on the tablecloth and used the cuff of a sock for the trim around the neck. The lady was overjoyed with the bear. Who knew what gravy stains would do for a heart that needs healing?

This is a bear I made from a man’s favorite work shirt and blue jeans.  I see bleach, grease and paint stains on this sweet thing.  His widow could still envision the love of her life outside tinkering at the job of the moment in this outfit.

Well loved shirt and jeans #1

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