Flannel Jammie’s and a Wedding

How do I share this story?  My sister Diane lost her husband Garry in 2013 to a dreadful cancer. She asked me to make bears from his work shirts.  I did and they are shown in another post.  Then she asked if I could take a white dress shirt that Garry wore to Diane’s daughter’s wedding and combine it with his favorite flannel jammies.  Isn’t he adorable?

Dress Shirt & Jammies Collage

But she also wondered if I could use the remains of the dress shirt and incorporate it with tulle and beaded lace from Heather’s wedding dress.  And so I did~!  The wedding bear is the white shirt material. The tulle and beaded lace are overlaid on the bear parts. The bonnet is one of the detachable cap sleeves of the dress.  Engineering the remnants of lace to equally mirror or match each piece of the bear meant all of the beaded lace had to be removed from the tulle.  Once positioned on the individual parts of the bear (before assembling it) all of the lace had to be re-beaded. Whew~!!

Double click on the picture to enlarge it

Heather, NY November 2014 #2

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